Doctors Profile

Dr. Vincent St. A. Crump

Allergy Library

MBBS (UWI), Dip Derm. (Univ Lond), FRCP (U.K.), FRACP - Allergist & Physician


  • MBBS (UWI) 1980
  • Dip Dermoscopy (Univ.Lond.) 1984
  • MRCP (UK) 1988
  • FRCP (UK) 2005
  • FRACP 2006
  • Dip Derm, Univ Graz, 2008

Year of Registration

  • Medical Practitioner 1980
  • Specialist 1989

Specialist Training

  • Postgraduate studies in the UK
  • Dermatology training (full-time) with Diploma in Dermatology, University of London and Cardiff University Hospital, Wales.
  • Specialist Training in Internal Medicine at Brighton General Hospital, UK & Worthing General Hospital, UK, MRCP, (UK)
  • USA & UK Allergy and Immunology Courses and Clinics
  • International Allergy and Immunology conferences twice per year

Specialist Hospital Experience

  • Three years full-time Consultant Physician (NZ)
  • 1 year Wellington Hospital Immunology Department

Over the last 20 years of practice at the Auckland Allergy Clinic, Dr Crump has witnessed the growing prevalence of Allergies and the lack of allergy awareness in New Zealand.  In this time he decided he would do two things:

The first was to write a book on the growing prevalence of Allergies in New  Zealand, and his book Allergies: New Zealand Growing Epidemic was published in 2009. The book has been described by Penny Jorgensen, CEO of Allergy New Zealand, as 'a must have book for every New Zealander'. Dr Crump's book offers an in-depth examination on the treatment of allergies and the ways in which allergic conditions are inter-related. It also includes case studies illustrating how allergies manifest themselves, and a wealth of practical advice on how to recognize allergies and where to look for the most effective treatment options.

The second was  to design a website with an “Allergy Library” and a "Newsletter" which provides a resource for up to date Allergy information for patients and other health care providers.

Current Position
Consultant Physician Specialising in Allergic Diseases of Adults (and Children) at Auckland Allergy Clinic / AllergyDoctor NZ.

Overview in Highlighting experience in Allergy
Dr Crump has written a number of review articles on Allergy, developed Patient Education Aids and frequently participates in public and professional presentations on Allergy.

He has constantly been working on expanding the database for his allergy website.

He has Published a book "Allergies New Zealand's Growing Epidemic" in 2009.

Professional Memberships

Doctor Robert Winkler

Allergy Library

MBBS, MD (University of Cologne, Germany), FRACP, Specialist in Pediatrics, Allergist.

Dr Robert Winkler, is a consultant Paediatrician specialising in Allergies. Robert has an international experience in Paediatric Allergology. He first became interested in medicine when working with infants at a hospital as a volunteer. He did his medical training after finishing his studies and decided to specialise in Paediatrics and focus on Allergology. Robert has helped families in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, and in the Emirates. He's fascinated by learning the different approaches taken toward medicine in each country and uses he scientifically proven methods, appropriate for each country. He believes that doctors around the world should be able to explain complex matters to their patients in a way the patient can understand. Robert recently joined AllergyDoctor New Zealand, and his vast international experience in Paediatric Allergy is a huge asset to AllergyDoctor.

Education & Degree

  • 1984-1990 Medical Faculty University Cologne (parts of practical training in Australia)
  • Internship Universities Cologne /Berlin, Germany
  • Specialist training Paediatrics (Childrens Hospital, University Cologne) 1991-1997
  • Specialist training Allergist, Cologne, Germany and Davos Switzerland, 1997-2001


  • License as Medical Doctor (1991)
  • Doctoral Research Study (1993)
  • US Medical Exam 1996
  • Specialist Paediatrics 1997
  • Neonatal Emergency Doctor 1997
  • Allergist 1999
  • Interactive Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy (Munich Specialist Counsel)

Year of Registration

  • Year of Registration 1991
  • Specialist Registration 1997

Specialist Training (Paediatrics, Allergy, Psychotherapy)

  • Postgraduate Specialist training Childrens Hospital, Cologne, Germany
  • Postgraduate Specialist training Allergy Departments Cologne, Germany and Davos, Switzerland
  • Parent-Infant Interactive Psychotherapy (1997-2000) Cologne and Munich Children Centre
  • Europe, USA & Overseas Allergy and Immunology Courses and Clinics

Professional Memberships

  • German/Austrian Society for Paediatrics
  • EAACI (European Academy for Allergies & Clinical Immunology)
  • The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy (ASCIA)

Dr Robert Winkler Profile

  • Director Paediatric Centre, Allergy and Asthma Centre Ibiza, Spain
  • Consultant Paediatrics, Rosario Hospital, Spain
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board , Uni-Med Publishing, Bremen, Germany
  • Liaison Clinic Dr Lampe, Paediatric Neurology Clinic, Munchen, Germany
Specialist Training
  • Specialist Allergist/Immunologist 1999
Current Position / Profile
  • Consultant Paediatrician / Allergist Wellington Hospital
  • Capital and Coast DHB, Wellington
  • Consultant Paediatrician / Allergist Auckland Allergy Clinic / Allergy Dooctor (various clinics in NZ)